Monday, 5 November 2018

Teach Yourself to Draw 3

These are the key techniques that have been the biggest help in enabling me to learn to draw -
Simple Forms -Cubes, Spheres, Cylinders, Cones.
Briefly - Practising these forms till you begin to see them everywhere, you begin to simplify and see these forms, usually a combination of, in every object, in a face, in a forest, in a street.
Gesture Drawing
- Or fast sketching. Drawing the `gesture` of an object, a person, whatever is in front at any time.
Always  carry a sketchbook and quickly sketch the scene in seconds, waiting for a plane, train, etc.. great fun. No fussing, get it down, take a snapshot with the eye and don`t worry what the drawing will look like.
Negative & Postive Spaces
- Seeing & Drawing the spaces in between things.`Negative` spaces are as important as the `Positive ` forms. You must get both right to draw convincingly.
Artistic Anatomy
- Learning the human form,  with endless practise, becoming familiar with the most complicated entity in the universe! The great masters studied the human form rigorously, with a sound
3D knowledgeof the human form everything else becomes easier.
Buy - `Drawing on the Right-Side of the Brain` by Betty Edwards.THE best drawing techniques book of all time.
See - `Proko` on YouTube. Definitely the best drawing techniques on youtube - and great fun!
Awesome, brilliant work from 2 of my favourite American illustrators - Bernie Fuchs & Noel Sickles - look at those negative/positive spaces! All hand drawn & painted in the 50,s, 60`s.

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