Monday, 15 October 2018

Teach Yourself to Draw

I`m coming up to 40 years as a professional artist. I have no degree, I am self-taught, or rather, I have learnt from the thousands of artists who have gone before me.
So now I feel it is time to pass on what I have learnt and how I learnt and how I ended up busy doing portraits, caricatures, illustrations - 99% on command and rarely without a project on the go.
This blog will be dedicated to helping people to learn how to teach themselves to draw, which is easier now than when I first started, now online there are so many learning resources-but how to proceed?
My goal is to lead the beginner through the confusing mass of drawing techniques.
40 years ago,desperate for guidance, I went to public librairies for books on drawing techniques, luckily,
as I was living in New Zealand at the time, they had access to American books and one of them was a revelation  to me, it explained one the `secrets` I could not understand - how did artists create drawings that
looked 3D?
These are the actual words that, as Americans say, knocked my socks right off! -

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